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Carmen Luisa first discovered yoga in 2002 as a college student at UCSD where she earned a degree in Psychology. What began as "just another workout" slowly unfolded into a journey of personal growth that challenged some of her deepest held beliefs.  Yoga became a way of life.

Carmen began developing a deep knowledge of body and breath at a young age. A lifelong athlete, she has been a competitive swimmer, ballroom dancer, and martial artist. Athletics became a way for her to withdraw from the senses and enter a space of moving meditation.

In today's results-based, high stimulus world, Carmen invites us to withdraw from our senses, tune in to our bodies, and listen to its messages without judgment. Her wish is for her students to experience that transcendent space that exists when we simply let go and combine body, breath, and movement.


Carmen is RYT200 certified through the Joy of Yoga school and is currently enrolled in the 500hr program with Jennifer Prugh. When she's not teaching yoga, Carmen enjoys building healthy work cultures in her career as an HR professional. Her most rewarding role of all though is Mom to her young daughter.

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